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Amanda’s Story: Settling Into the Groove

admin September 10, 2010

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It’s time for Amanda’s latest update!  If you haven’t been following her story, you can read her introduction, first update, and exciting news by clicking these links!

Here she is:

I think I’ve been gaining a little weight because I have not been as strict with my diet. Jimmy, new man in my life, treats me dearly and does a whole bunch for me – including cooking! However, his downfall is that he loves JoJo’s Sports Grill in town, where we go regularly to hang with friends. And since I hold the same policy that you and Ben do, that fellowship is more important than being a stickler about what you eat….well, let’s just say we have been fellowshipping a LOT. Which is great! I’m meeting new people, making new friends and settling into my groove. But I also think that I could be a lot more aware of what I eat….whole fats are good…now it’s just cutting out the bad stuff.

This weekend I’ll be in Connecticut for Jimmy’s cousin’s wedding. He’s in the party and wanted me to tag along. It will be a really really nice break from routine just before teaching starts and then the madness begins. I am looking forward to having a more busy schedule because it will force me to meal plan. Meal planning means less waste and knowing exactly what to portion out.

And also, it means making things ahead of time if possible so I can just grab it and go!

I hate the taste of processed cheese now. I only want to drink whole milk and eat organic grass fed cheese from now on…yum yum yum.

I’m loving smoothies in the morning because they are quick and easy, and a great way to incorporate my coconut oil, yogurt, raw honey and fruit!

I adore my local farmer’s market, though I’m finding sometimes I don’t eat as much as they give me….wasting is bad.

But! I just got two whole heads of cabbage from a friend and I have no idea what to do with them when I come back….anyone have an tips on how to make sauerkraut??? It’s my new obsession. I put it with everything…meat, steak, eggs…yum yum yum!

Thanks Amanda!

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas for Amanda?

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  1. MMmmmm I love cabbage! I don't usually do saurkraut (although my mom used to and I love it!). What I do is just slice it reasonably thin and saute it in butter. If I have thick/ core portions I sometimes add a little water and cover it for a few minutes to sort of steam it. But butter butter and a little salt. Sometimes caraway seeds for something different. I like to burn it a bit. So good!!!


  2. Sauerkraut is awesome stuff, I absolutely hated it until I found out how to make it. Still not sure why I did given my feelings about the stuff at the time, but I do it regularly now. All you need to do is to shred those cabbages up as fine as you like, pack them into a crock or jar a little at a time with sea salt pounded into each layer. I usually just use my fist to crush it but people who do it in larger quantities use a wooden tool to beat the cabbage to release the juice. If the salt does not draw the water out of the vegetable within about 8 hr you can add some filtered or spring water to cover. Just be sure it is weighed down with a plate or something to keep everything under water. Sandor Katz actually describes the process much better on his website, and his book has been quite useful to me.


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