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Amanda’s Story: Introduction

admin July 30, 2010

Over the next few months, we’ll be following one of my long time friends, Amanda, as she makes her journey towards better health. Today’s post will let you know a little bit about Amanda’s history. Most of it is her words, although I’ll be adding some of my own commentary. 🙂

First, you should know that Amanda and I go WAY back.  Since we were only 9 or 10.  So we have been friends most of our lives.  Recently we started talking more and I began to share a little bit about our real-food lifestyle with her.  And so, let her tell you her background:

I’m 24, and I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at 15 years old.
I started my cycle in 7th grade, and had normal periods for a few months, until it gradually faded to nothing. My cycle because very thick, mucousy, and dark brown in color. Mom took me to a gynecologist, where they did an ultrasound on me (which NO ONE bothered to tell me was done vaginally, so I was uncomfortable and scared). They found hundreds of tiny cysts on my ovaries, usually a strain found in middle-aged, obese women. I was 15 and 135 lbs. at the time.
Instead of researching futher, my gyno put me on birth control and my mom (a nurse) never thought twice about it. I was not given any kind of alternatives, or other treatment options. I was not told what I should and should not eat. I was not given anything to help me with my transition to living with a chronic condition in any way, shape or form. And because my mother and doctor never made it a big deal, I never thought twice about the negative aspects of it….or how it would affect my fertility.
I slowly stopped dreaming of having kids because I thought there was not hope for me, unless I did IVF (which is expensive) or adoption (also expensive). I gained weight on the pill and then, because of bad habits and eating in college coupled with stress (note: which is a HUGE problem in the PCOS cycle), gained even further until I graduated. It wasn’t until these past two years that my friends started becoming pregnant and giving birth, which sent my biological clock ticking away faster than Alice’s White Rabbit. I have always been wonderful, patient and had a special place for children in my heart, and the need that God placed inside me to be a mother was re-emerging fully. I really thought that there was no hope for me, until you (Kate) showed me all the different options of eating, and helping me become aware of different fertility options.
Now, I’m switching to eating a full-fat, reduced-to-none- sugar and grain-free lifestyle. Increasing my proteins and limiting my grain intake will naturally balance the insulin imbalance I have (thereby fixing some of the other hormonal imbalances and helping the PCOS). I have also been taking Vitex, a B-complex vitamin and Licorice Root everyday to see how they affect me. I have taken myself off BC by choice as of July 1, 2010. So far I’ve had people comment on how I look thinner. I find I am also happier and don’t feel as “heavy” as I did when I eat a carb-rich diet. I can’t wait to fully implement these food and herbal remedies when I move into my apartment and start a new chapter in my life!
That’s Amanda’s story!  Unfortunately, it’s a much too common one in our society today.  But through a real-foods lifestyle, many women in Amanda’s shoes go on to become mothers.  She and I talked quite a lot and she’s now drinking kombucha (when she can; soon she’ll be brewing it herself), eating organic food, and focusing on nutrient-dense foods.  In a week or two we’ll see how she does her first month off birth control.  I can’t wait to find out!
Join us as we go with Amanda towards better health.  And if you, too, suffer from PCOS or just need to make some dietary changes, consider this a challenge: get healthy along with Amanda!  Check out my Baby Steps Series if you need help getting started!

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  1. That sounds like my story minus the birth control!! I suffered with heavy periods and a short 23 days from one to another and the fibroid caused my uterus to look like a 5 month pregnancy. Every doctor I went to offered me a hysterectomy!! It truly discussed me!! I am now 47 years old,two years ago I eliminated soy and corn and began only eating organic and I also began taking ‘Female Corrective Formula’ and it has done it’s name well!! It took 2 months to regulate my cycle and about 6 months for my tummy (fibroids) to subside!! My periods are still every month but I can actually go in to public and not worry that I’ve leaked through!! I purchase mine through ! I will continually pray that God would show you what will work for you!!


  2. Thank you for sharing Amanda’s brave story at Monday Mania. I am eager to hear how her situation improves over the next few months as you follow her progress!


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