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Real Food on a Budget: Introduction

admin June 1, 2010

This series is because we are ALL on a budget (though some of us stricter than others) and we all want to feed our families the best food we possibly can.  That means we have to get creative.  It means we have to make sacrifices.  It means we have to plan, shop, and prepare food as carefully as we can.

I know that when I read many of my favorite blogs, I have wondered how they possibly buy and prepare such high quality food for so little money.  Every single time one of them posts on this topic (and I’ll be including several of those throughout this series), I read and re-read the post, trying to figure it out.  I always want to know more about cooking real food on a limited budget!  And so, I thought, it’s time for a series dedicated to exactly this.  How do we make it work?  Step-by-step, in tiny bits.

Here’s what you have to look forward to during this month-long series:


Welcome to Real Food on a Budget!


June 1: Introduction to “Real Food on a Budget” (Today!)

June 2: Purdy Family Profile (how THEY eat on a budget)

June 3: Creating a Meal Plan: Favorite Meals and In-Stock Items

June 4: Creating a Meal Plan: Seasonal Meals

June 5: Strawberry Picking


June 7: Creating a Meal Plan: Breakfasts and lunches

June 8: Creating a Meal Plan: Dinners

June 9: Review of “Real Food on a Budget” ebook (via Stephanie at Keeper of the Home!)

June 10: Creating a Meal Plan: Snacks

June 11: Creating a Grocery List

June 12: Cooking with Bekah


June 14: “Good Enough” Substitutes

June 15: “Good Earth” Product review and giveaway

June 16: Bokros Family Profile

June 17: Side-by-Side comparison: SAD vs. Real Food

June 18: Most nutrient-dense foods for your money

June 19: Father’s Day Post


June 21: Finding local resources

June 22: Farmer’s markets

June 23: Thompson Family Profile

June 24: Making the most of a CSA

June 25: Readers’ Best Money-Saving Ideas (send them in!)

June 26: Family Farm Trip Pictures


So as you can see, there’s a LOT going on this month!  Be sure to come back everyday — subscribe, if you haven’t! — so you don’t miss a post!

What are your best money-saving ideas when buying quality food?

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  1. What a great series! Thanks for doing this work. I can’t wait to read it all.

    Jenn (June 23!)


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