The Complete Collection

New to Real Food? Looking to overhaul your entire meal plan? The complete collection has so many recipes, that are so versatile that you won’t ever get bored!  A full 1/3 are top-8 free and 1/2 are GAPS-friendly!  This is a great way to get all the best recipes in each book for one low price — 25% off retail!  Get all the recipes and start cooking new and exciting foods today.  [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=14]



Simply Summer

Tired of the heat? Looking for fresh, seasonal recipes? Simply Summer is perfect. Here, you’ll find delicious marinated chicken for the grill, fresh salads, fruit dishes, party dips, pita chips, and even light desserts! All of the fresh flavors of summer, prepared to be light yet filling are in this book. If you want to cook seasonally…now it’s easy! In writing this, I was inspired by smoky grills, crisp salads, bright lemons and peaches, succulent tomatoes, and other key flavors of summer. These dishes are appropriate for parties and sharing — if you can bring yourself to share! (Just wait until you taste that bacon-wrapped chicken!) Are you an allergy sufferer? Unsure if this book would work for your family’s needs? This book comes with a set of icons to let you know which of the top 8 that each recipe is free of, making your recipe selection easier! Nearly half of the recipes are top 8-free, so this book will be appropriate for many with allergies, even multiple allergies! Simply Summer is 52 pages full of 32 healthy, delicious, summer recipes, all for $2.99! [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=13]



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Breast to Bib

One of the most difficult times a mother has is when it comes time to stop nursing and start introducing foods to child.  This transition is even more difficult for mothers that are trying to adhere to a real food diet for themselves and for their families. Breast to Bib will:*Help with breastfeeding *Discuss how to deal with low milk supply *Give easy to make homemade formulas *How and when to introduce solids *Handle picky toddlers You’ll also have access to 27 healthy, family-friendly recipes that feature real foods! Breast to Bib is 85 pages full of easy to use, healthy ways to help you transition, all for $3.99! [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=9]



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Wholesome Comfort

Whether you’ve got the blues or it’s the dead of winter, comfort food is warm, creamy, and satisfying.  Unfortunately, most comfort food recipes have all sorts of white flour, white sugar, and canned cream soups that contain who-knows-what – all foods that will leave you feeling less than wonderful. Wholesome comfort provides recipes call only for real food ingredients.  On top of this, you’ll still be able to use any of those recipes you already have that call for canned cream soups – there’s a recipe for cream soup that won’t add much extra time and is a perfect substitute! Purchase Wholesome Comfort for $3.99 and start making delicious, real food comfort dishes today! [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=8]



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Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts

Real Foodies know that sugar isn’t good for you.  Because of this, most desserts, whether homemade or store-bought, aren’t viable choices.  It’s bad enough that ultra-refined white sugar is included as an ingredient in most homemade desserts.  To add insult to injury, a good many of the desserts available in stores are loaded with white sugar and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).  In addition to containing far too much sugar in whatever form used, they also contain a lot of highly processed flour and very little essential fat, usually in the form of highly processed vegetable oils. Being in possession of a sweet tooth (constantly or occasionally) doesn’t mean that a person has to eschew tasty desserts all together.  Whether you’re already following a real food eating plan or you’d like to incorporate healthful desserts in your diet, Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts is here to help!  No recipe in this book contains white sugar, white flour, or vegetable oils.  Each recipe is designed to incorporate real, full fats (such as butter or lard) and if flour is used at all, the recipes call for sprouted flour, soaked flour, or almond flour. When desserts are made with real food, you can have your cake and eat it too…without the guilt!  For those who are on restricted diets like GAPS, there are several options for you, too.  The recipes for Carrot Cake, Lemon Cake, and Chocolate Cake are all GAPS-friendly!  When you next have a celebration coming up don’t go without dessert – especially when kids are involved.  Just make it healthy! Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts is just $2.99! [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=4]



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Against the Grain

This fantastic cookbook contains over 30 delicious recipes and is ideal for people who are: *Looking to reduce or eliminate grains from their diets *Already grain-free, but are having trouble finding tasty recipes *Following the GAPS diet, but need some additional recipes *Eating or looking to eat grain-free, but are worried about straying due to boring foods *Don’t want to give up breads and desserts made with grain Against the Grain will teach you how to cook grain free while using nothing but whole and real foods.  Every ingredient that is used for each meal is free of artificial coloring, flavors, and additives.  The book has recipes for main courses, soups, and side dishes.  Main courses come with suggestions for side dishes.  Desserts and breads are possible because flour and meal doesn’t have to come from a grain.  In fact, by using alternate flour and meal sources, such as potatoes or almonds, you can enhance a bread or dessert recipe with new, delicious flavors. Get your copy of Against the Grain for only $2.99! [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=3]



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Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods

Pregnancy is a time when expecting mothers can find it difficult to incorporate a diet that makes it possible to eat well for two in a world with so many unhealthy or misleading food choices. Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods is here to help and addresses these concerns:*Confusion about proper nutrition during pregnancy *Unsure about what is really healthy and what to avoid *Unsure about how much to eat *How to ensure proper nutrition while dealing with “morning” sickness *How to consume enough nutrients when your appetite isn’t there Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods focuses on providing clear advice and good, sound nutritional choices. Rather than advising you to eat far more than you’re able, especially during those times when you’re nauseated, you simply haven’t got an appetite, or you are not willing or able to follow a complicated meal planning procedure (like other pregnancy food books advise,) this book takes a simple approach to pregnancy nutrition: 1.  Do not eat “junk” foods 2.  Eat super foods The book goes into detail about what those super foods are, a list of foods that should be avoided (some of which you probably thought were healthy,) what pregnant women’s nutritional needs are, and features over 30 simple recipes that use many super foods! Get a copy of Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods for $2.99 and ensure proper nutrition for you and baby!  This book also makes a great gift for expecting mothers! [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=2]



Real Food Basics

Real Food Basics is the ideal book for you if you’re looking for: *New to real food cooking and eating *Family favorites adapted to real food cooking *Healthy recipes for your family or gatherings *Learning about real food *Leaning why real food is beneficial to food satisfaction *Understanding the reasons why switching to real food is better for you and your family Real Food Basics includes explanations for why real food dietary changes are important and beneficial to your person health and well-being and that of your family and friends.  It will teach you how to make the transition to real food, re-stock your kitchen, and do it while making the change as painless as possible for everyone.  In addition to recipes that will help you make delicious meals, each page of Real Food Basics includes a reference section so you can check out the research that supports real food eating yourself. Pick up Real Food Basics for $2.99 today and start adapting your life to the delicious, succulent real food lifestyle today! [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=1]

Start Your Healthier Life Ebook!

Start your healthier life smaller

Ready to get started living a healthier life? This complete, 50-page guide will walk you through the steps, product swaps, recipes, and more that you need to get started today!

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