Do You Know How to Choose the Best Health Policy for Your Family?

Jaclyn Harwell November 3, 2016

As we come to the end of the year, folks are taking a serious look at their health policy and reevaluating what they plan to do next year, especially since many of us are learning that our policies might change. (After all, we all want to make good financial choices and still protect our families.)

If you’re not sure if you’re quite ready to dive in and make a choice on a new health policy just yet, contributor Jaclyn will share about some options you have to learn the lingo and make an informed choice in this post sponsored by UnitedHealthcare.

Do You Know How to Choose the Best Health Policy for Your Family?

We all have different health care needs, which require different levels of care. With all of the changes in recent years to health insurance, your coverage may have changed drastically. Perhaps you are in the market for a new health policy, but you’re not sure where to start. You’re in good company if my social media feed is any indication.

Don’t get left grasping for information and wondering if you made the right choice. Through November, UnitedHealthcare is offering some fun ways to help you make sure you’re in the know before you select a policy. Two fun games will help you test how much you really do (or don’t!) know about insurance policies, what your family really needs, and how much it’s really going to cost.

The games only take about five minutes, and everyone who plays will be entered to win a weekly prize of $100 and a monthly prize of $500. Each game is offering a separate prize, so you have two chances to win every week throughout November, plus two chances to win the monthly prize of $500.

Both of these games aim to educate YOU about health care terminology (personally, I think it can get pretty confusing). You should feel confident in knowing what you’re buying when it comes time to purchase a new health policy.

Do You Know How to Choose the Best Health Policy for Your Family? | Modern Alternative Mama

Play What’s the Word?

The first game is a crossword puzzle, What’s the Word?, which will help you get familiar with health insurance terminology. Complete the crossword and get entered to win! Easy peasy.

(Contest runs through November 30, 2016.)

Are You a Health Plan Pro? Find Out to Pick Your Best Health Policy.

Next, you’ll play the game Are You a Health Plan Pro? This game has four stages and aims to arm you with all the information you’ll need to pick the best health policy for your family.

The four stages include:

Stage 1: Answer a few quiz questions about health care. If you get an answer wrong, you’ll receive the right answer so you are learning no matter what.

Stage 2: 
Play a matching game surrounding the three different types of health care accounts—the FSA, HSA, and HRA. You will be given three different descriptions of the accounts and will have to drag and drop each account label to the description it matches.

Stage 3: 
Use a slide configurator to learn more about premiums versus out-of-pocket ratios. You will be given a family description and their health care needs and must use the sliders to figure out the correlation between the premium and out-of-pocket costs for that specific scenario.

Stage 4. Use a ranker to organize 8 health care situations from least expensive to most expensive (examples are having a baby, going to urgent care, and having surgery). Once you rank them, it will correct any mistakes you made so you know which item belongs where in the list. You will also learn how each item affects your out-of-pocket costs.

Play Are You a Health Pro. (Contest runs through November 30, 2016.)

After you have completed each stage, you will enter your name and email to be entered to win the prize. Then you will receive a score on a scale of 1 to 5 stars for how ready you are to purchase a plan. That way, you know whether you need to do more research or that you feel confident in yourself to purchase the best plan for you and your family.

Take a few minutes to play these fun games, get entered to win prizes of up to $500 (for each game!), and, my favorite part, when you’re done, make an informed choice for the best health policy for your family.

Take Care of Your Family’s Unique Needs

The most confusing thing, perhaps, about choosing a new health policy is making sure it will fit your family’s unique needs. Using the sliding configurator mentioned above will help you determine how to best meet your family’s needs based on household size, your budget, and how often you plan to go to the doctor, hospital, or quick care clinic.

While no one can perfectly predict what their future holds, having the information to pick a plan that will best take care of your family is the best any of us can do.

Are you ready to pick a health policy for your family? Take the quiz to find out!

Do You Know How to Choose the Best Health Policy for Your Family? | Modern Alternative Mama



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