Should Healthy Kids Take Supplements?

admin September 21, 2016

Every few months, I go crazy trying to figure out if my kids really need supplements or not.

Yes, the supplements I choose are food-based and high quality (I’m super picky).  I give them to the kids faithfully for a little while…and then not for awhile.  There are arguments to be made for each way.

I want to talk about it today…because a lot of parents are confused on this.  It’s totally understandable.  So, let’s dive in.

Let’s start first with the “no supplements” side of things.

Kids Don’t Need Supplements

Most Supplements are Crap

This, unfortunately, is very true.  A lot of the supplements on the market are not healthy and do not help anyone.  They’re made with synthetic nutrients that are poorly absorbed (and are thus largely excreted) and a lot of artificial colors, flavors, and fillers.  There’s little to no value to these types of products.

Many people do not know how to choose quality supplements, or cannot afford them, and really are better off taking nothing than using these cheap, crappy options.  Popular chewable children’s vitamins (the type you’d find in any grocery store) are simply not worth it.

There’s a huge vitamin and supplement industry out there, and like the pharmaceutical companies, they want to make money.  They will sell whatever products people will buy.  Don’t believe in them just because they’re “natural” — really research them closely and trust them when they earn it.  There are some good companies.

Diet Should Provide All Nutrients

Many people believe that a balanced diet does and should provide all the nutrients kids need.  Basically, kids should eat a wide variety of foods, and kids generally have access to plenty of food, and there’s no reason that they won’t eat a balanced array of vitamins and minerals over time.

Healthy Kids Don’t Need Extra

Many people believe that the RDA is sufficient, and that most children will meet or exceed the RDA most days in most nutrients, and that there’s no evidence that higher doses are more beneficial to health.

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Kids Should Take Supplements

Now, the pro- supplement side!

Our Modern Soil is Depleted

A lot of people rightly point out that our modern soil is, unfortunately, very depleted.  Monocropping and heavy pesticide and fertilizer sprays have stripped the soil of key nutrients and important bacteria.  This means that the food grown in it is less nutritious.

It’s also true that most food is picked before it’s ripe and transferred, and sold days after harvest when some nutrients have been lost.  The longer it sits, the more nutrients are lost.  Some food is artificially ripened with ethylene gas and some is artificially preserved with wax.

That’s not even to discuss highly processed foods, which are further devoid of nutrients.

A diet that is lacking in key nutrients, or which is fortified with synthetic nutrients, may not be enough to meet a child’s needs.

Kids Don’t Get Offered Truly Healthy Foods

Some kids aren’t offered a truly healthy diet.  This is not always because the parents don’t mean well; many are just confused by what healthy even is anymore.  A lot of parents believe it is foods like Cheerios and Nutrigrain bars and artificially-flavored yogurt.  They’re trying to do well…but they’ve been misled.

The more kids are offered diets high in refined grains, artificial flavors, and sugar, they fewer actual nutrients they will consume.

This may not be an issue for your family, personally (it isn’t for mine).  But, it could be an issue if you have kids who are very picky — even though you offer a wide variety of foods.  There’s a vast array of reasons why kids may not eat a truly balanced diet and regardless of how it happens, it can cause issues with getting enough nutrients.

Kids are Rapidly Growing and Need a Lot

It’s true: kids are growing and developing rapidly, especially in the first few years of life, and again at puberty.  They need a large number of nutrients (relatively speaking) to supply their bodies and their brains.

Especially during growth spurts, it can be difficult to keep up with their vast needs.  Many say that the RDAs are actually far too low, and kids (and everyone!) could benefit from higher amounts of nutrients.

Should Healthy Kids Take Supplements?

Ultimately, should they?

I believe there are times when kids could use supplements.  I’m not convinced a daily multi is doing any specific good, especially if it not well-absorbed.

We choose to use cod liver oil and probiotics, as often as I remember to give them.  Rarely do we offer anything else to the kids at this point — though that may change when they are teens and have other specific needs.

Confused on Supplements and Healthy Diet?

It is a confusing topic.  I feel like I’m still exploring it myself, at times.

Some of the resources I’m using right now, as I go through that process, have come together in a collection that you should definitely check out. It’s called The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, and it’s this awesome library of ebooks, e-courses, bonus offers, and more.  (If you’ve purchased a bundle in the past, this is a brand-new collection with very little, if any, overlap with previous ones!) I want to highlight just a few for you today.

A Mother’s Guide to Probiotics

This book is by Melanie Christner, and it covers a lot of key research into probiotics.  It discusses which strains are important, what they do in the body, how to properly take them, and which brands are the best.  If you’ve been wondering what the hype is, where to get started, or just want to really understand probiotics, this is an awesome resource!

Regular price: $19 (included for FREE in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle)

Herbal Tea Kick-Start Guide: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Healing Herbal Teas

This is an e-course that walks you through herbal tea — how to create your own blends that are nourishing and revitalizing.  I use this often in my home — my kids love to make and drink herbal teas and using the right herbs they can be super nourishing.  They’re like a “multivitamin” but truly food-based!

Kami, the course author, walks you through 9 lessons to help you select the right herbs, blend them for both flavor and health benefits, and how to make them in different ways.  She even includes a lesson on herbal lemonades, for those who aren’t big fans of tea!

Regular price: $147 (included for FREE in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle)

Delicious Dessert Thickies: 20 Healthy Filling Smoothie Recipes that Taste Just Like Dessert!

This is a gorgeous book that walks you through making “thickies,” which is basically a very thick, filling smoothie.  The recipes are all specifically sweet and dessert-like, but are sweetened with fruits or dates and are all whole-foods.  This is a great way to get super nourishing food into kids — most love smoothies — and if you choose to use supplements, you can hide them in here!

Regular price: $16 (included for FREE in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle)

All of these items put together are worth $182.  But when you buy the whole collection, you’ll get it all for just $29.97.  That’s a total steal, and that’s not all…there are some free bonuses, too.

Free Bonuses?!

There are 11 different bonus offers — 9 physical and 2 digital.  They are:

1. Bloom Naturals – $15 gift certificate toward any product ($15 value)
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9. Experience Life – 4 FREE digital guides (value $29.99)
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11. Meal Garden – 6 months of Meal Garden FREE (value $35.70)

They’re worth $250…so no matter what value you get out of the other resources, these make it absolutely worth it.

Just think — you’ll get $15 to Perfect Supplements, to get yourself some high-quality supplements. Or choose the kombucha-based probiotics.  Or maca root, a great supplement for hormone balance (ahem, mama…). Plus a whole lot more!

Please take this seriously.  I really think you could benefit greatly from this.  I get so many questions from readers who are confused.  They want to know how to treat their baby’s first cold, or what they should be feeding their kids (especially if they’re picky — and yes, there’s a book specifically about that), or how to sort through all the conflicting information out there.  They want me to tell them what to do and hold their hand.

While I wish I could do that for every person, I can’t.  I’m just one person and I can’t personally come alongside every single one of you.  But I can recommend a package of resources that can.  All you have to do is decide it’s a priority for you and set aside the time to read through a couple of the books, make a plan (that’s where those printables come in), and start doing it.

You can do this.  It’s a big deal, but you can.  And this collection can help.

Bonus Offers edit

Just some of the bonus offers that you can get with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!

The Nitty-Gritty Details

Here’s the important part: this collection, the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, is an amazing deal.  With all of the books, e-courses, and bonuses together, it’s worth over $2400.  It’s selling for just $29.97, which is 88% off.

The only catch is that it’s a (very) limited-time offer.  It’s available today through Monday, September 26th.  Then it’s over…and if you want any of these things, you’ll have to pay full price.  And you don’t want that.

You’ve got 5 days to think it over…but I recommend getting it soon so you don’t forget and miss out.  There is a money-back guarantee…so if you purchase now and decide it isn’t going to work for you, you can return it.  You’ve got nothing to lose here.

I’ll be featuring even more awesome resources over the next few days, so don’t miss that.

Make It Even Sweeter

If you follow other bloggers, then you’ll see many of them promoting this offer over the next few days.  But if you choose to buy through Modern Alternative Health or Modern Alternative Mama, we’ll give you two extra bonus offers on top of what’s already in the package!

#1) The Simplest Home Remedies

We’ll send you a FREE printable with the 10 simplest home remedies on it.  These are items that you already have in your home (like lemons, garlic, or cinnamon) plus exactly how to use them and what to use them for.  Print it out and tape it to your fridge or medicine cabinet and it’ll be at your fingertips right when you need it.

#2) Three Months of Tradishen Membership

We’re so, so excited to be re-launching Tradishen, our real food menu planning business, in the next several weeks here.  It’s going to have an entirely new look and feel, and an amazing user experience.

Right now, we’re emailing everyone weekly menus that contain 5 complete dinners (with the recipes and grocery lists on a PDF), plus suggestions for lunches, breakfasts, snacks, and even a dessert recipe.

These plans are available in Classic Clean, Paleo, or Vegetarian, and they can be customized on site — swap out recipes you don’t prefer, change ingredients or serving sizes, and more.  It’s really pretty great!  Our customers say they love our recipes and it saves them tons of time.  And they’re eating better than ever!

A three-month plan is worth $29.97 (as much as the bundle!), and you can get it FREE — but only if you purchase through the MAM or MAH links!

To claim your bonus offers, simply forward your receipt to and we’ll send out the details!

To sum it up — $2400 in ebooks, e-courses, and bonus offers; plus $35 in MAM-reader only bonuses, for just $29.97.  The gift that keeps on giving, long after the sale’s over….  How great is that?!

Do your healthy kids take supplements?  Why or why not?


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