Why I Use Disposable Diapers at Night

admin March 23, 2016

After 8 years as a crunchy mom, I’ve done lots of diapering. I use Bambo Nature  disposable diapers at night, for sleep, sanity, and a little bit more.

**This post is sponsored by Bambo Nature.**

When I was expecting my first baby, I had a whole host of completely unrealistic expectations.

I thought she’d sleep through the night (like 8 hours straight in her own bed) from 6 weeks…or maybe even younger.

I thought that breastfeeding would be easy.

I thought I’d sew up a beautiful stash of cloth diapers in a short time and they’d fit perfectly.

Yeah, not so much on all of those things.  It took me a year and at least 4 pattern adjustments before I found the cloth diapers that actually worked for me, and several weeks to sew them all.  It took us 6 weeks to figure out breastfeeding.  And she didn’t sleep through the night consistently for two and a half years.

I was tired.  (Especially since my second baby came along when she was 17 months old — do the math, I was getting up with two for over a year.)

She started sleeping through the night when she potty trained.  She was waking for a diaper change mid-way through the night, at least three nights a week, on average.  My second and third children followed suit.

But with my fourth child, for a variety of reasons, we had to temporarily switch to disposable diapers for a few months when he was 17 months old.  And…he began to sleep through the night a month or so later.

That was pretty darn great.

Thus, I — at long last — abandoned my full-time cloth diapering attitude and went with disposables at night.

Why I Use Disposable Diapers at Night

I like sleep.

That’s the most important reason.  I like to sleep, and I don’t want my night interrupted if it doesn’t have to be.  I tried various cloth solutions, and I went through changing toddlers when they needed it for 6 years.  Ultimately, though, I decided that getting decent sleep was more important to me than saving the money on diapers, or being a “perfect” cloth diapering mama.

When my fifth baby was born, I put him in cloth 24/7…until, after a few weeks, he started to wake up at night for a change, too.  I very quickly put him in disposables at night, and we’ve had peaceful nights ever since.  He’s the first baby that I have not been sleep-deprived with in the first year.

(My other babies required anywhere between 1 and 4 diaper changes per night at various points in their infancy.  This meant I had to fully wake up, sit up, and complete the change — and keep them from crying while I did it.  I was so, so tired.  I wasn’t sure I could even handle another baby after those four because I didn’t think I could go through another year of sleep deprivation, a baby who wouldn’t be put down, etc.  Luckily — or maybe it’s because he gets more uninterrupted sleep — this baby loves to play on the floor.  He’s 9 months and his first year is flying and has been so easy.)

I’m in my 30s now, and I’m not exactly “new” at this motherhood thing anymore.  At least not when it comes to the baby and toddler phase.  I’m over ‘perfect’ and good with ‘what makes things easiest.’  (You know, as long as it’s also generally a good thing.  I don’t let them go naked because that’s “easiest” or eat total junk food.)

What kind of diapers you use is not exactly a moral issue, though.  I’m all about whatever makes diapering easier.

I still use cloth diapers during the day, even out and about.  They’re cute, they’re frugal, and I like them.  I don’t mind changing more frequently when I’m awake anyway.  But at night, it’s disposables for us.

I’m wondering if this baby will “sleep through the night” even sooner than the others.  At 9 months, he still nurses frequently, but once he’s eating more food — who knows?!

Why I Use Disposable Diapers at Night pinterest

Choosing Quality Disposables

Of course, some parents are worried about using disposable diapers because their little ones have sensitive bottoms.  They need a diaper that doesn’t contain a bunch of chemicals!

Enter: Bambo Nature.

These diapers are among the safest diapers out there.  They’re made without allergens or harmful chemicals.  They have no perfumes or fragrances (a lot of disposables do — I hate that).  They’re made by a sustainable process, which is pretty neat!  They’ve actually been tested for skin irritation, and the diapers are hypoallergenic.

Their site actually says:

The diapers [are made from] all wood pulp [which] is derived from sustainable tree farms, the manufacturer has released a life cycle assessment proving a reduced amount of emissions and almost no waste.

That is really, really cool.  I don’t feel guilty about using these disposable diapers at all!

I’ve been using them, in fact, for the last month or so.  They fit well, they don’t have a weird smell, and they don’t give my baby a rash.  He sleeps soundly at night and that’s pretty great.

I like supporting a company that cares about sustainability…and still produces something that’s actually a convenience item.  It’s not often that these things truly go hand-in-hand.

I also keep Bambo Nature diapers in my car’s emergency box.  If I forget the diaper bag, or forget to restock it, or if anything crazy happens (an accident, someone is sick, etc.) then I always have extra diapers — and other extra stuff.  (Towels, a change of clothes for each kid, wipes.)  I don’t like to keep cloth in that box because then my stash is “tied up.”  Disposable diapers work much better, and even if I didn’t use them at night, I’d still buy them for this purpose.

Great news!!  Use code bamboMAM for 25% off at Bambo Nature!  Good through 6/30/16.

At any rate, mixing a combination of cloth and disposables works best for us now — and having quality disposables is the best option for me.

Do you use disposable diapers at night, or at any other times?  Which are your favorites?


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  1. I totally feel you on this one. My twins are heavy wetters and cloth at night was not working for us. My biggest conundrum was that it’s not as simple as just changing one baby in the middle of the night – you risk waking the other up, having to do two diaper changes, then tandem nurse to calm them down, etc. It was just really hard. Disposables allow them to sleep 12 hours and give me time to myself! I’ve really stopped feeling guilty about it, and I’m so glad you did too. Sleep and self-care are so important!!! <3


  2. I’ve done this too! I like being able to fully rely on cloth and not need to buy disposables (especially when trying to save money), but perhaps the occasional box of disposables is WORTH IT for a full night’s sleep! I’ve used Bambo before and really liked them and I also like Babyganics, but the more natural diapers can be cost-prohibitive. Discount codes are always welcome!!


  3. I’ve been so excited to order these diapers, as my son has been getting a terrible rash from our cloth stash lately. Unfortunately, the discount code you gave isn’t working. I’ve tried retyping it as “bambooMAM” and “bamboMAM” and neither are accepted. I’d love to find out how I can order them.


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