Strawberry Coconut Butter Hearts

guest February 7, 2014


Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is from Jo at Nourishing Time. Jo is an attached mom to her smarty-pants son and a full-time student majoring in Public Health. She is fascinated with holistic healing and loves to read, cook, and watch Grey’s Anatomy in her spare time. She blogs at Nourishing Time about natural ways of improving health through food and positivity. You may like Nourishing Time on Facebook by clicking here or connect on Google+ by clicking here.

I’ll be honest, when I look at these strawberry coconut butter hearts, I think of the one my soul loves. And it makes me want to write poetry…

What Is Love?
By: Jo

Love is when you find yourself smiling all the time, just because…
Just because you thought of that special someone.
Love is when there’s a song in your heart, all the time…
All the time because you’re happy… after all you’re in love.
Love is when you can’t explain what it is you are feeling,
And that special someone feels the same and gives everything meaning.
Love is when you don’t need to say a word,
You don’t need to do a thing,
Your heart is stirred.
Love is everything, and anything, and then a little more.
Love is… love is… love is amazing.

Back to these yummy treats. They remind my family of yogurt melts or frozen yogurt. Because they are naturally sweetened with strawberries, raw honey and beet juice, they are safe for those on special diets such as the GAPS and Paleo diets. Grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free goodness! You will need a silicone heart mold for these to shape up properly, click here to buy one now.

Use the freshest possible ingredients for best results!


4 Heaping TBSP Coconut Butter
1 TBSP Coconut Oil
1 TBSP Thick Raw Honey
1 Cup Fresh Strawberries (Approx 12 big ones)
2 Tbsp Freshly Pressed Beet Juice (for color)
6 Drops Almond Extract

Strawberry Coconut Butter Hearts Recipe


1. Wash strawberries and cut each one into 4 pieces. Slice a small piece of beetroot to juice (or grate and press out liquid).


2. In a small bowl, mix together coconut butter, coconut oil, honey and almond extract.

3. Add strawberries and mash well (I used a potato masher). Taste and add more honey to sweeten if desired.

4. Fill half of the heart molds with the mixture as-is.

5. Add beet juice to desired color, mix well, and fill remaining molds. They don’t have to be perfect, but do press them down a bit and try to get out the air bubbles. This is what they look like after coming out of the freezer:


5. Put mold in freezer for at least 1 hour. Carefully remove hearts while frozen, then store in airtight container in the refrigerator.

6. Enjoy! You may also like these coconut butter pumpkin pie bars.


What are your favorite Valentine’s Day Treats?

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  1. Jo, these look wonderful! YUM! So fun to discover your site! Lots of blessings to you!


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