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admin September 2, 2010

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When I started eating real food, chocolate milk was one food I sometimes really missed.  I didn’t have it often, but when I wanted it, I wanted it!  Recently I tried mixing up my own and it was great!  Problem solved. 🙂


2 tbsp. sucanat

1 tbsp. raw cacao



Mix ingredients together in a glass jar.  Store until needed.  To prepare, add to 8 – 12 oz. of raw milk (depending on how chocolatey you like it!).

Of course this recipe can be doubled, tripled, etc. so you can store quite a bit of it.  You could also try palm sugar or coconut sugar or maple sugar if you wanted.  I happened to have sucanat and I like the flavor it gives.

Do you like chocolate milk?  How do you make yours?

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  1. I do enjoy chocolate milk. This post is timely–my husband was just telling me last night that one of his work-out/health sources recently reviewed the best post-work-out drinks (in terms of refueling/fat/protein/little bit of sugar) and found chocolate milk to be the best! lol


  2. I just came across your website and LOVE it! My girls love chocolate milk, so I also developed a recipe for a great morning chocolate smoothie. Although it's not exact, it can easily be modified to taste.

    For 2 kids:.

    1 1/2 cups raw milk
    3 farmfresh egg yolks (no whites/never use grocery store eggs)
    1 or 2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
    1 or 2 tablespoons raw honey
    squirt of Barlean's flax oil (optional)
    6 or more ice cubes

    Put all ingredients in a blender (vitamix preferred) and blend on high for 30 seconds. Great, quick breakfast, especially if you have a hard time getting kids to eat before school.


  3. How do you get the cocoa to mix in? It keeps clumping at the top of my milk each time I try to make it.


  4. Arual,

    I have that problem too. I just keep stirring and stirring and keep my spoon in the cup so I can do a quick stir before sipping if it's been a few minutes. A bit annoying, I know. You could try running it through the blender too though, that might help.


  5. I should haver mentioned in the recipe that I put all of the ingredients in a blender on high for about 15 seconds. This is much easier and works better than stirring. I love the cacao powder from Wilderness Family Naturals ( I have a Vitamix, but I think any blender will do the job.

    I also use the caco in hot cocoa for the girls, but I warm the milk on the stove first, then whisk in the cacao powder and raw honey.

    I hope this helps!


  6. I have discovered that if you mix the sugar and cocao with a bit of water first it really helps it blend into the milk. I always do that when I make hot cocoa. I often make my son and I banana chocolate shakes with milk cocao banana and egg yolks if I have them and I usually use stevia extract as long as my DH isn’t sharing with us cause he still hasnt gotten past the aftertaste haha.


  7. Ya, mix it with a couple of teaspoons of hot water and it should dissolve just fine! I’ve done it with the cocoa and white sugar so I’m sure it will work with raw sugar, with maybe a little extra stirring 🙂


  8. […] many cases, raw milk is the same as “other” milk.  You can drink it straight, or mixed with chocolate (I like that a lot!) or […]


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